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We are excited to announce May- Competition 2022- Team builders

The person who makes the most turnover on his account in the next 30 days (May 13 to June 13) will receive a bonus of 1000$ on his own trading account. (Any own investment, or downline counts). The top performers are visible on our website for the whole month. Each country gets its own ranking. The Trade Unity team wishes you all good luck!


U.S. dollar index retreats from 20 year highs — But will DXY topping spark a Bitcoin recovery?.

The United States dollar index (DXY) retreated broadly from its prevailing bull run in the past two weeks, dropping by up to 3.20% after hitting its two-decade high of 105.
Overvaluation risks grip dollar market The U.S. dollar’s correction in the last two weeks preceded twelve months of relentless buying.
To recap, the greenback’s weight against the basket of top foreign currencies grew by around 14.3% in a year, primarily as markets looked for safe havens against the fears of a hawkish Federal Reserve and, more recently, the military conflict between Ukraine and Russia.


Bankman-Fried faces down roomful of futures industry insiders at CFTC roundtable

The discussion of FTX.US’s proposal for non-intermediated margined products clearing highlighted unknown factors and the need for more regulatory framework.
FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried did a lot of talking at the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) staff roundtable on non-intermediation Wednesday. He fielded questions and issues from 31 industry professionals about the FTX.US application to offer clearing of margined products, including crypto-based products, without a futures commission merchant (FCM) intermediary.